Selection of Documentaries

In the spirit of the classic auteur film Paul Henschel has executed the majority of his films. With awards and TV broadcasts for his self-produced documentaries, he proved that he is capable of successfully executing his own projects.

Human Holes

Logline:Human Holes“ gives an insight of daily life into the life of thehomeless residents of Ulaanbaatar. Their goal: survive at -40 °C.

The documentary “Human Holes“ (‘30 min) got published by German TV channel 3SAT and won the Camgaroo Award 2017 as “Best documentary”.




Logline:"Biedaszyby“ gives an insight into the everyday life of Roman Janiszek. For the polish black gold, black cole, theformer miner goes down in the poverty shafts of Walbrzch. For 10 Euro a dayhe is risking his life and becoming a criminal.


The documentary “Biedaszyby“ (‘16 min) was shown at over 50 indie cinema film festivals and won the Camgaroo Award 2016 as “Best documentary”.

Construction Workers

Logline:"Construction Workers" provides insights into the tough everyday life of the construction workers in the small Indian town Manipal. The workers build modern high-rise buildings with the means of the simplest manual labor.

The documentary “Construction Workers” (‘30 min) got shown on several indie film festivals.